Web Crawler Research led to Darcy Ripper

Web Crawler Research led to Darcy Ripper

After months of research we found out the main advantages that users look at a web crawler:

* Real-time view of the download job progress;
* Pause / Resume / Stop download job anytime;
* Save and Load job template download files;

It is very important for users to have the option to see instant progress for crawling or download. That is why Darcy Ripper uses in a tab real-time visualization of your specified job.

Another thing that a web crwaler must have is a simple option puza / resume or stop anytime they want for ongoing process. So when we thought Darcy architecture we took into account to implement a simple option for pauaza / resume and stop (you can found them easily as toolbar buttons).

How many times have you finished a process of crawling or download and has not been able to save you the options that have successfully performed the job?
That is why Darcy offers the ability to save and load templates with specific options for processes made ??by you.
All this led to Darcy Ripper.

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