SEO Titles DIY

SEO Titles DIY

Title Tags are the most significant key element that GoogleBot is crawling from your site. The Title length must not be over 65 characters.

On Static Websites you need to update/change the Title Tag individually, as per page.
On websites based on CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.. , the Title tag can easily be changed or updated from the admin panel under posts.
Title Tag is important! Keep in mind to use your primely keywords in it. I personally try to insert my main keywords in the first part of the Title .

You can choose to overlap keywords like: <title> Darcy Ripper РFast, Efficient Website Downoaleder </title>.

Here I have been using 3 keywords: Website Ripper, Website Downloader and Darcy Ripper

Also we must always check for unwanted Title debris like:

  • Missing Title tags on our site pages.
  • Duplicate Title Tags
  • Over 65 chr
  • Same as h1 (check this Headings DIY SEO Guide).

If your website is big enough, many pages…this routine can become a living hell.


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