How to set a specific filter ?

How to set a specific filter ?

How to set a specific filter ? Like i only want to download images in .jpg only what i can do to set this ?

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Anonymous October 13, 2017

Here are the steps used to filter a website to only download the files with the file type you are interested in.
1) OPEN “Darcy Ripper”
2) CLICK “Help” on the menu toolbar at the top of the interface.
3) CLICK “Help”
4) On the left pane, EXPAND “Job Package Configuration”
5) In the “Job Package Configuration”, EXPAND “Custom Rules”
6) Int eh “Custom Rules”, CLICK “Basic Rules”
7) SCROLL DOWN till you see “Save to Disk” Filter
That will explain how to tell Darcy Ripper to only download .jpg files. I figured this out because I only wanted to download pdf files and instead of inputting “.*jpg$” (without the quotation marks of course) I used “.*pdf$” and it worked like a charm.


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