Linux-Mac-Windows Backup Software – Darcy Ripper

Linux-Mac-Windows Backup Software – Darcy Ripper

More than ever our websites security is de facto very important. The new technologies in web hosting and web security are simultaneously overtaked by cybercriminals.

Why be concerned about your website data storage issues?

When you use a Linux/Mac/Windows backup software, you remove the web hosting as a valid solution, Which is good, since it can be the source of lost files and data exploitation. It might not seem a problem for you now, but web hosting services fail and you can lose all your website data files.

What should be backed up?
This can include all website files:HTML, CSS, Pictures, Text Files etc.. Sometimes, it Would be wise on your part to back up all the time instead of selecting the important files. By doing so, you would ensure your website safeness.

This is why we built the feature to backup your website files and give the users the opportunity to keep safe your websites data.

This tutorial shows step by step how to safely keep back-ups of your sites.

Step 1.File -> New
Step 2.Under the Basic Settings fill in the Name of your Project, URL and the Save Path (where you wish to save your website backup)
Step 3.Simple Rules -> Custom Rules and check URL prefix * here insert the URL address of the website you want to backup *
Step 4. Click on the Play Button from Toolbar and stay back! Darcy Ripper will backup your website .

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