Learn how to crop a PDF File with 3stepPDF

Learn how to crop a PDF File with 3stepPDF

3StepPDF is a software product with multiple features. The product release by Day One Software permits easy splitting, merging and cropping of pdf files.

Day One Software and Cezar Popescu are pleased to announce the launch of their new software multi-function tool, 3StepPDF. The software package permits users to crop PDF files easily and conveniently. The web site reference includes a video tutorial which permits cropping of a multi-page document in PDF format in an easy 3-step process. Previously, the ability to edit pdf-format files required complicated and expensive software. The earlier PDF editors rarely offered tutorials to explain the process.

According to a spokesperson for the software tool, “If you want to learn how to crop a PDF file, 3StepPDF offers a simple, easy-to-understand video tutorial which explains the process in clear terms. The functions come in a simple and affordable software tool which can crop multiple pages of a PDF document in a single process. Users won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how our software works.”

3StepPDF is an intuitive interface and a powerful PDF processing engine. Cropping a PDF file is an easy 1-2-3 process. Users simply select the PDF document that requires cropping and define the position and size of the crop rectangle. The size and position of the rectangle can be accurately defined using either percents or points. Single pages or groupings of pages can be cropped. Another feature is the ability to customize the name and location of the output file.

Additional features of the software tool include creating a new PDF document and extracting text from a scanned document. Users can split multiple PDF files in a single processing session and can watermark pdf file pages. The ability to manipulate document files easily by merging two or more files is another function which the product offers to users. There is no need to purchase expensive editing tools when 3StepPDF is affordable and easy to use.

For more information, please visit http://3steppdf.com/how-to-crop-pdf.php

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