HTTP Code Checker Tool

HTTP Code Checker Tool

Using this tutorial you will find out http errors with our http code checker tool from Darcy Ripper.
The most common HTTP errors:

* Http 400 Bad Request
* HTTP 401 Unauthorized
* HTTP 403 Forbidden
* HTTP 404 Not Found
* HTTP 407 Proxy Authentication Required
* HTTP 500 Internal Server Error
* HTTP 503 Service Unavailable

For a complete list please see: List of HTTP Status Code

Many times we wonder why our site does not perform at a high level and we do not have enough users browsing our sites.
One of these factors is the validity of our links. That is why we built-in a feature in Darcy Ripper that acts like an HTTP Code Checker tool.

Widely used to discover bad links from your sites.
In order to stick to a single site, we follow these steps:

Step 1.File -> New
Step 2.After we complete we go to the Basic Settings
Step 3.Simple Rules -> Custom Rules and check URL prefix * here insert the URL address of the website you want to check for errors *
Step 4. Click on the Play Button from Toolbar and stay back! Darcy Ripper will crawl your website and under Finished Tab -> Status Code you will find the errors that May Harm your website performance.

For more in depth uses of Darcy Ripper check out our Documentation, or feel free to contact us.

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