I cannot find Darcy Ripper executable. How can I start the application?

darcyripper.jar is the executable file. Darcy Ripper is based on the Java language, is cross platform and comes packed without any installation required.

Why Darcy Ripper?

Darcy Ripper is still young. If you consider that it meats your requirements, you can use it without worrying about too many things. You can save your download configurations for future use, you can stop/resume the download process at any moment, you do not need special third party applications installed and may other features, about which you probably read upon reaching this FAQ section. Another special way of looking at things, is that Darcy Ripper needs your help and will further match all your requirements: the development team is eager of getting your feature requests. You can contact us by means of any of our communication channels.
Oh yeah, and it's FREE.
However, if you are disappointed by Darcy, feel free to contact us and we will happily redirect you to a software which will meat your requirements.

Are there any special system requirements needed to run Darcy?

No. Darcy Ripper does not need any special requirements, any third party applications or a certain OS, besides Java being installed. Darcy Ripper is completely written in Java, thus is platform independent. Also, Darcy Ripper comes as a ZIP archive, so all you need to start it is unpack the ZIP and run the JAR file present in the root directory. It is possible that in the future, special launch files (*.sh, *.exe etc.) files to be provided with the distribution package but that is not an issue for you at this moment.

Are there any spyware or adware risks in Darcy?

No. There are no ads or spy issues regarding Darcy. This can be proven by third party sites which host our product, well known sites like: www.softpedia.com.
Note that there are software download sites out there which embed their own mechanism in software applications (like download accelerator). So, make sure that you download Darcy Ripper from a trusted source.

Does Darcy report something without asking me?

No. Darcy Ripper does not report anything to any of our servers. The single moment when Darcy is communicating with our servers is when the Check For Updates request is sent, but this action must be allowed/issued by the user. This fact can easily be verified by checking the traffic Darcy Ripper does, by means of a packets sniffer application.

Can I be held accountable for using Darcy Ripper when downloading resources?

Darcy is merely a tool meant for helping you in a constructive manner. Using Darcy is entire your responsibility. We strongly urge you to check the Terms Of Use or Privacy Policy (or any other legal document) of the web resources you download and make sure you are entitled into downloading those resources. This applies to all the web site download applications, web crawlers or any other tool like that.

Is Darcy Ripper available in other languages?

No. At this moment Darcy Ripper (along with the web site and the documentation) is only available in English. If enough requests are made for other languages to be supported, we will start working on that as soon as possible.

Can I run multiple Darcy Ripper instances on the same system?

Multiple Darcy Ripper instances cannot run at the same time. This is restricted by the application itself. This behaviour is caused by the fact that multiple Darcy Ripper instances running in parallel, most probable, will lead to issues from simple web resource download issues to more complex ones like overloading unnecessarily your system.

What is a Darcy Ripper Download Job Package?

A Darcy Ripper Download Job Package (Download Job Package, Job Package, djp) represents a entire download job that you created. The Job Package (as you will most find it in our documentation papers) contains all the configuration settings Darcy needs to perform a download job. The term "Job Package" comes from the fact that a single such package may contains download jobs for more than one URL. These multiple URLs can be set form the Job Package Configuration / Basic Settings panel. However, even if multiple URLs may be set for download, all the other settings (domain prefixes, cookie settings etc.) are valid for all the URLs.

Can I edit a Job Package configuration while that download job is running?

No. Editing a Job Package while it is running may affect the integrity of the web resources downloaded until that moment and for that reason, we are pretty sure that this feature will not be introduced into the feature either.

Can I resume the download progress of certain files?

Yes. If the "Resume files download" option has been checked in the Job Package Configuration, then for each file that exists on disk, Darcy will check if the previous download was completed. By means of this feature, you can stop the download process (or the machine crashes or any other unexpected issue) and then resume the entire process with the same Job Package file, without worrying about losing time downloading the same web resources all over again.

How do I set web site cookies?

At this moment Darcy is not able of collecting the cookies on its own. So serving these cookie to it is your responsibility, by means of the Job Package Configuration / Cookie Settings section. Once you have the cookies that you want to use add them in the mentioned section and Darcy will use them. Cookies can be used for remembering your settings or maintaining your authenticated session. Retrieving these cookies can be done by means of packet/HTTP sniffers. There are some free sniffers out there that can help you performing this task, e.g. Wireshark (powerful and free packet sniffer). Also you can use the "Live HTTP Headers" Mozilla Firefox add-on.

How do I start download from multiple URLs?

By means of the Edit Job Package / Basic Settings section, you are able to define multiple starting points for the download start. Even if this a way of doing things, you should analyse your options and decide if indeed this is the best one (sometimes, creating more Job Packages may be the way to go).

I have questions? Where should I go?

We strongly encourage you to ask us any questions with regard to Darcy Ripper. You can use the contact form from the web site or any of our media channels. We also would appreciate if you will make any suggestions regarding the way we should develop our product.