Darcy Ripper Feedback -You make a difference!

Darcy Ripper Feedback -You make a difference!

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Today I want to tell you about our vision at Darcy Ripper. Our software was designed specifically for those who need a web crawler or a data extraction tool.

We started analyzing many common software malfunctions encountered in crawler market and tried to realize a smoothly build-in and add to it as many features as we can. So I always try to find out your opinions on our software.
We are constantly working on improving the capacity, speed, and our features. That is why we need always need your opinion.
We would like your opinion on future options that you think would be useful or interesting in our software.
Therefore on the first page I added a widget powered by Barometer to facilitate our communication channel.

We already used some opinions about how to improve our software to create what you want. We are here for any questions, queries etc.

The software is intended to be for the community even though we are the ones that codes your principles and requirements.

If you think our software and our team has made the debt, you can help us with a like / share on our Facebook / Google + / Twitter or wherever you consider.

Thank you!

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