Darcy Ripper as a Mirroring Software

Darcy Ripper as a Mirroring Software

Mirroring Software suggest multiple copies of carbon-copy sites across different servers. It can also refer to make a website to return the exact same results as another site.

Using Darcy Ripper to copy or mirror all of your website contents to hard drive is quite easy.

Will there be two or more paths to your internet website content, depending on how Many mirrors are being deployed. The site Will be more accessible, since bandwidth is being generous. This will reduce CPU and memory utilization on your original server.

However, if your own site is a personal blog or a website that has no problems with huge daily traffic, your website may not need to be mirrored on another server because it can be penalized by Google as duplicate content.

Meanwhile Google AdWords That Does not allow ads for websites copy the content of other websites, using Techniques known as “mirroring.”

If you are sure you need this optimization technique please follow these steps with Darcy Ripper:

Step 1.File -> New
Step 2.Under the Basic Settings fill in the Name of your Project, URL and the Save Path (where you wish to save your backup website)
Step 3.Simple Rules -> Custom Rules and check URL prefix * URL address of the website you want to mirror *
Step 4. Click on the Play Button from Toolbar and stay back! Darcy Ripper Will mirror your website content on your hard drive you have specified.
Step 5. Use a ftp Client to upload your website to the new server


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