What happens when a package is stopped and started again?

What happens when a package is stopped and started again?

Does Darcy Ripper restarts the package from scratch after stopping and starting a package?
I suspect it as it starts processing same URLs again.

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Staff February 24, 2016

Indeed, stopping the process of download and restarting it will cause Darcy to re-process all URLs once again.
Besides the Start operation, the other two work like this:

  • Pause – will pause the current download process. All URLs that are being processed at the time the Pause action was issued must finish. That is the reason why the application takes actually more time pausing than stopping.¬†Restarting¬†(Unpausing) a Job will only process the URLs from the Queue tab panel;
  • Stop – will stop the current download process. Restarting the Job after a stop action, will re-process all URLs all over again.
  1. Anonymous February 24, 2016
    Thanks a lot.There are more than one tabs for Job Packages in the GUI. But as per my understanding it will run only one job package at a time. Is it true as well?
  2. Darcy Staff February 24, 2016
    Darcy can only download a single Job Package at a certain moment of time.The tab panels contain information about the current status of the Job. For example:

    - Queue - contains all URLs that will be processed;
    - In Progress - all URLs that are actually being processed (downloaded) at the time;
    - Finished - all URLs that have been processed (downloaded);
    - All - all URLs.

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