How to start Darcy Ripper?

How to start Darcy Ripper?

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Anonymous November 26, 2015

Darcy Ripper’s executable file is called DarcyRipper.jar and it can be found in the root directory of the application.
On most OS, if Java is installed, double-clicking this file will issue Darcy to initialize.

If the DarcyRipper.jar is displayed as an archive is due to the fact that Java is not installed on the system.
You can download the official Oracle latest Java version from the following location:

  1. Anonymous March 26, 2016
    Curiously it doesnt start although 1.7 is installed on Linux Mint 17 KDE.Error:The file '/home/wsdfg/Downloads/darcyripper/DarcyRipper.jar' is not marked as executable. If this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run. For more details, read about the executable version "1.7.0_95"OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.6.4) (7u95-2.6.4-0ubuntu0.14.04.2)OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.95-b01, mixed mode)output of java-version
  2. Darcy Staff March 29, 2016
    Try opening a new terminal in the Darcy Ripper directory and run the following command:java -jar DarcyRipper.jar
  3. Anonymous June 17, 2016
    I have downloaded darcy on WIN7 64BIT. Have unziped the file, i tried opening but it only flashes the logo for a split of a second (or at least thats the only thing i can see) then nothing happens.I have java build 1.8.0_74-b02.Ideas?
  4. Anonymous August 31, 2016
    just do this following steps for GNU/Linux OS:(1). $sudo chmod +x DarcyRipper.jar --> hit [enter](2). $java -jar DarcyRipper.jar to run the program Execute both those commad in the same folder with the *.jar file (via terminal)

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